The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

What happens when you take a good person and take them for granted?

This question is posed to all of us and not just to the one’s we think are the nasty ones. We are all guilty of being nasty at some point. So it’s time for me to do some introspection.

This morning I observed how someone was being stepped on and brought to tears. Brought to tears not out of sadness or weakness but out of intense anger. This person is a very good person and such a blessing to have in your presence. However, I will not delve into exactly what happened but rather just what it has inspired within me.

What is the definition of a good person

A good person is not a selfish person. A good person is not a saint. A good person is someone who thinks about their own needs and comfort as much as they think about other’s. A good person is not someone who helps you with money. It is someone who stands by you in your difficult times.

So tell my why would you want to hurt this person, why would you treat a good person bad when all they have done for you was good and always stood by you. We take advantage of good people and their good hearts. It hurt me very much to see the effect on a mistreated good person that for a moment the goodness turned to bad and with tears in her eyes into ugly. Why the tears? Tears because good people contain their anger and rather cry it out so that they can keep the peace. Even in anger they still show that they are good people….

People think it is OK to walk over other people, they think they can say whatever they want and the other person just has to accept it. Well it is not OK to treat people bad and expect them to always be nice about it. Good people will eventually get to that point when they have had enough and explode. Do you think that it is right for you to drive someone to this point? No, it isn’t. You should be ashamed of yourself. Whatever happened to the goodness of human nature. In some workplace environments you not even thought of as a human anymore, well at least it feels like you are not treated like a human with a heart. Sometimes to the individual it feels as though you are only another overhead and that your emotional state or the negative impact certain decisions have on you doesn’t matter.

It is NOT cool to dehumanize people whether they are good or bad. The world has turned ugly enough for us to still want to destroy connections and relationships and add to the ugliness. The greater world is ugly but your and my world doesn’t not have to be ugly. Be the light of goodness in the dark of ugliness…You will feel better and help others be better.polaroid-a

Be good no matter how bad or ugly the situation becomes, just always be good because someday, somewhere, someone will show you the goodness that you always show others. – Andrea Morley


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