Morning Glory

Oh what a beautiful morning….this is what I am singing in my heart today. Every day we wake up to the same routine. You hear the alarm, stretch your arm to turn hit the buzzer to snooze, second time and third time and eventually you open your eyes, check the time and jump out of bed, rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth and your face, take a shower and into your clothes. Finally you leave home only to follow another routine. Start the car and drive off to do the same job you do everyday.

I like my routine but every day I try to see something new in it, I try to do something different, something that will add value if not to my own life then definitely to the life of another. Whether it is engaging in effective conversation or smiling with a stranger, just anything positive adds value to another. In everything I do, I try my utmost to give Glory to my Heavenly Father.

Every day we are faced with so many challenges and difficulties that seem never ending but at the end of each day, we close our eyes only to wake to the light of a new day. It all starts over again but at the end of every day you should give thanks for getting through that day.

Yesterday I was not happy with an incident in my day but today opened my eyes to new understanding and with a new and different outlook for today…

I challenge you to be BRAVE today and STEP OUT to STAND OUT…


One thought on “Morning Glory

  1. Thanks for sharing your positive post! Keep on striving for the best in life, be it enjoying that first breath of fresh morning air or dipping your toes into our lovely sea, feeling the sand in between your toes, to a hug from a friend and loved one, to that refreshing sip of morning coffee! Stay positive and the sky is the limit baby! Remember, you were born to move mountains – have mustard seed faith and go go go!!!!

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