Exploit me…

It’s just astonishing that big corporations, thinks very little of employing people to do the job of 3 people and still give them an under paid employee salary. Who can survive on the peanuts that we are forced to work hard for. Wow!

How dare you expect me to just clap hands and jump to my feet for a tiny increase after having a great performance review and me giving my line manager the figure that would improve my current financial status.

Yes, it is not the company’s fault that I have life expenses but goodness, I work my body broken for the company just so I can have a permanent job with some benefits and the rest is invalid.

I am one of those people that believe in staying at a business and making it work but have now experienced firsthand how your skills are exploited just because you are the one that ‘doesn’t mind working extra hours’, you don’t mind putting in those extra hours because you try to make the next day easier for yourself.

Been battling to find alternative employment but all businesses are looking for these days are people with digital experience. What happens to the marketer that has the traditional marketing background and expertise. Is there no way of integration and applying those basics to the digital space? However, I know that the perfect job is just waiting for me, it is going to come my way and I am going to be happy. I have to say this to myself everyday so I have something to look forward to everyday. Maybe today will be that day I get that call from one of the 20 jobs I apply for daily. I have taken to review my application process and decided that it is time I refresh my thinking.

I am too much of a thinker but not enough of a strategic thinker (mmmm…the job I currently have doesn’t give me the energy to want to apply my brain). I need to do something about my unhappiness. It is not my employees fault that I took this job. In fact, I was retrenched and was so desperate for work that I just took what I got. Well, lesson learnt..this time around I will be patient and wait. NO, you will not be I say to myself. You will do what you need to do to land the job you will be happy at. Until then I will have to scrape by every month with a smile on my face and be happy. Cos, that is essentially the attitude that is being misused.

This is just me finding a platform to share how disappointed I am in myself for allowing the world to take advantage of my goodness. I was taught to be humble and remain humble, but being humble does not mean I must allow myself to be walked over.

Time to put that assertive panties back on and get out.


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