Why Fire-fighters are not heroes.

The Roaming Giraffe

There is no place for a hero in a fire.

Fire fighting is about team work, training, physical fitness and endurance. It is about respect for, & understanding of fire & fire behaviour.

Fire-fighters are not glory seekers who want to be heroes, they are dedicated men and women with a calling.

Most fire fighters I know, full time and volunteers, are humble people who have a fascination and passion for fires and firefighting. Many of them display a strong sense of community service and you will often find they are involved in other ways, either as volunteers for other organisations, or active on committees  in whatever their particular hobby or sport is.

Right now, the work of the VWS may appear glamorous and exciting with many people wanting to do what  they are doing.

 The reality is that a fire on this scale only comes around every 5 – 10 years.

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